Absurdle has already prepared the challenge. You will have to think to guess the secret word. The game is characterized by intricate rules and an unlimited number of attempts to find the guess. Choose a mode and start playing.

✅ How to play

Start with the instructions. You need to guess a word of 5 letters. To do this, it is enough to enter a letter in each cell, using the layout under the playing field. The peculiarity of the game is that the artificial intelligence will try to outwit the player until the end. The required word can change. In each attempt, choose a word with as many different letters as possible. This will limit the possible options. A green letter indicates that the attempt was accurate. The orange color indicates that you need to think about the location of the letter in the puzzled word. There are several modes that allow you to diversify the game: • difficult - you must use hints from previous attempts; • time mode – you have no more than 1 minute to think about each word; • challenge – get a word and match the chain to it. Discover new modes, improve your skills and demonstrate your level in competitions with friends. Absurdle is a great intellectual game for relaxation, brain training and relaxation.

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