Anti Wordle

If you are fond of solving puzzles, crosswords and making words, then a real challenge awaits you. Anti Wordle - turns everything upside down. The player's task is to avoid solving the word for as long as possible. Use the color clues to match the opposite options for as long as possible. Although the rules are simple, you will have to try. It is not so easy to act contrary to the traditional algorithm.

✅ How to play

Gray letters are not used in the puzzle word. After such a letter is used, the player will not be able to enter it a second time. If by chance the participant comes across a letter that is present in the word, it will be painted in yellow. In the future, such a letter must be used in every subsequent attempt. The red letter is in its place and cannot be moved or replaced by another. Such features complicate the player's task and require special attention. Ready to accept the challenge and test your knowledge - choose a more difficult level. The yellow letters must change position in each subsequent version. Enter only vocabulary from the dictionary. All other words will not be counted. Concentrate on the task, train your memory. Choose words, rearrange letters, avoid the most common letters. The game will be a great way to have fun for a large company.

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