A real brain teaser awaits everyone who likes to play word games. Find 100 classified words and get the maximum number of points in Centordle. Accept the challenge and demonstrate your wit, awareness and intelligence.

✅ How to play

100 words are encrypted on the playing field, each of which consists of 5 letters. Guess them all using no more than 108 attempts. To play, it is enough to type a word using the keyboard or the layout on the screen.

The letters in the word will immediately change color. Green squares indicate that not only the letter was guessed, but also its location in the word. You see the elements painted in brown - think how you can move the letter to guess the word. The letters are colored at once in all one hundred boxes, which allows you to guess all the words at once without wasting moves.

On the general layout, each letter is also indicated by a small colored pixel, depending on the place it occupies in a particular word.

The number of guessed letters corresponds to the number of circles under the guessed word. Select options and print. Progress can be tracked on the counter: number of words and available attempts.

Use all the available hints and set your word puzzle record in the brainteaser Centordle.

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