Contexto Unlimited

An extraordinary game for everyone who likes to train logic, pick up chains of words, find associations. In Contexto Unlimited, you need to find a puzzled word, guided by data from artificial intelligence. It's time to show your superiority.

✅ How to play

The player's task is quite simple - to guess the word using the minimum number of attempts. The first step is to type the first word that comes to mind into the feed. The computer calculates accuracy and closeness in numbers. In addition, the proximity to the target will be indicated by a scale and color marking. The number of attempts is unlimited. The faster you can guess the word, the better. Artificial intelligence selects words according to a certain algorithm. The number displayed on the screen indicates the position of the word according to the secret. The desired option has 1. Use the hint as a last resort. Click on the corresponding option and the next word will appear in the list. At the end of the game, you can track the statistics: the game number, the result, the number of used attempts and hints, as well as the secret word. Compare the results and hone your own skills. Discover a new word every day and show your knowledge and cleverness. Organize an intellectual evening, a family game or challenge your friends.

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