Guess the riddles, or rather crosswords. Crosswordle is faster, easier and more interesting than solving classic crosswords. You will need not only logic, but also linguistic guesswork and memory.

✅ How to play

The main task of the intellectual game is to guess two words that intersect, using the minimum number of attempts and hints. Note that both words share a common letter. You will have to guess both options at the same time. Do the first attempt at random. When the options are entered, prompts will appear on the screen. some squares with letters will change their color. Use the following markers to match the following words: • gray – letters are missing in the puzzled words; • yellow – the letter is guessed, but you need to think about its position; • orange indicates that such a letter is in another word; • the green color indicates that the letter is in its place and nothing needs to be changed. The task is complicated by the fact that you need to guess both words at once. Track your progress in the statistics section. Win and set a record. Compete with your friends. Guess the riddles with the least number of attempts. Combine rest with a useful activity that will certainly help you to distract yourself and train your own abilities.

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