Custom Wordle

Custom Wordle is an intellectual game that aims to guess encrypted words. The player has to guess the encrypted word using a specified number of attempts. The game develops memory, thinking, and also trains guessing. The Custom Wordle game is slightly different from the traditional Wordle, which is popular all over the world. Players have the opportunity to create a personalized game and share it with friends.

Play Custom Wordle and discover new ways to play the game!

✅ How to play Custom Wordle

The game has similar rules to Wordle. The player has 6 attempts to guess the word encrypted in the grid. The word consists of five letters, which corresponds to the number of cells in each row.

First, the player prints the first possible variant of the five-letter word. As soon as the participant clicks on the "Enter" button, the letters will be painted in the corresponding colors. For the rest of the game, take into account the hints from the previous tape.

Do not use letters that are colored gray. This color indicates that the letters are not in the word.

If the cells are colored orange, it indicates that the letter is in the word, but you should move it to another position.

Green color indicates that the player has guessed the letter correctly and it is in its place.

In the next attempt, the participant should take these hints into account and choose the next option by replacing the letters.

To enter words, there is a keyboard layout below the playing field. The letters are also colored in the appropriate colors for convenience.

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