The Daily Hard Crossword

Does the brain want interesting tasks? Then The Daily Hard Crossword is just for you. To solve the crossword, you will have to think carefully.

✅ How to play

The game resembles an ordinary crossword, but in online mode. Words are arranged horizontally and vertically. The beginning of the word is marked with a number. Click on the line and read the definition, which is highlighted in yellow for ease of searching. Use the keyboard to enter letters. To change the direction, it is enough to click on the screen once. When a possible answer option is printed, you can check the correctness. Click on the check option. Correct letters will be marked with a green bird. A red slash indicates an error. You can check just one letter or the whole word. Set the automatic check mode and do not get distracted from the task. If no answer comes to mind, use a hint. Click on the corresponding icon - the letter will open in a yellow square. You can open the entire word or the entire crossword in general. The duration of the game is measured by a timer. The faster the entire crossword puzzle is solved, the better the result. Replenish and enrich your vocabulary, train your guesswork and thinking and get the desired victory.

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