Do you like fun with words? Dordle game is a perfect way to exercise your mind and relax. Guess the words and set records in the statistics section. The game has two variations. Before you start, choose daily or free modes. The first option involves completing daily tasks, the second allows you to play without a time limit or the number of rounds.

✅ How to play

The playing field consists of two segments - two encrypted words. The player types letters and waits for a hint. After entering the letters, they are painted in one of the colors. Green suggests that the letter is in its place. The orange color indicates the presence of the indicated letter in the encrypted word, but its location still needs to be thought through. Gray letters are absent in encrypted concepts. For convenience, the layout on the screen is also colored. Pay attention to the color clues and pick up options that have not been used yet. There are seven attempts to solve two words. The letters entered by the player appear simultaneously in both sections. Therefore, you have to guess two words at once. At the end of the game, compare your achievements: number of rounds, guessed words, percentage of wins. A great game to compete with friends: relax and improve.

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