Easy Crossword

An interesting game with simple rules for adults and children is Easy Crossword. The principle is similar to a classic crossword puzzle. The player's task is to solve all the words vertically and horizontally with minimal use of hints.

✅ How to play

There are words on the field. The number is indicated on the first letter of each word. By clicking on the word. The player sees an explanation highlighted in orange on the screen. Choose the answer and type the letters in the cells. Explanations for guessed words are automatically highlighted in gray so as not to distract the player's attention. To switch from horizontal to vertical, just click on the screen. If you cannot find the answer, use the hint. Click on the corresponding icon in the right corner of the screen and choose an option from the list: open only one letter in the yellow square, the entire word or even the entire crossword puzzle. I managed to guess a few words, but I don't have enough confidence - check and continue playing. Choose the letter or word check option. The correct option is marked with green birds, the wrong letters are crossed out with a red oblique line. The timer fixes the time of solving the crossword. Get a new task every day and guess as fast as possible. Easy Crossword is an intellectual game with simple words that will interest adults and children. Take a good rest.

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