Easy Wordle

Easy Wordle will help you take a break from everyday tasks and have fun. A simple and clear game for adults and children. Guess the words and train your memory.

✅ How to play

The goal of the game is to guess a five-letter word. The participant has six attempts to complete the task. Click on the letters on the keyboard layout and enter the first word. There are no hints, so choose the first option at random. Already after the first attempt, some letters will change color. Consider the markers to choose the next word. Leave the letters highlighted in green in the same place. The orange letters must be moved. Do not use gray liters for the next option. For convenience, the color of the keys on the keyboard also changes. Additionally, you can turn on the complex game mode. Open hints must be used in the following options. Recommended for players who have already played a few rounds and understand the rules of the game. Success is noted in a separate section. Click and open the statistics. See the total number of rounds played, the percentage of success, and the average number of attempts a player took to find the secret word. Easy Wordle - activates mental activity, trains memory and language guesswork. Relax and have fun guessing the words.

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