Foodle is an extraordinary game for those who love good food or know their way around dishes and love interesting puzzles. An understandable word game with simple rules will intrigue everyone and attract attention for a long time.

✅ How to play

Juggle the words in your head and the letters on the playing field. The goal of the game is to guess the secret word. Everyone will definitely like the topic - dishes and cooking. The player has six attempts to guess the five letters. The first attempt is made at random. Write a letter in each cell and wait for the result. After processing, some letters will change their color: green indicates that the letter is in place, orange shows that the letter needs to be moved to another position. Gray elements do not need to be used in the next attempt. The color scheme can be changed in the settings section. Such prompts allow you to limit the number of possible options and choose guess words as accurately as possible. For convenience, the letters are also painted over on the keyboard layout on the screen. A new word is waiting for you every day. Practice, expand your vocabulary, discover new dishes. Improve language guessing and demonstrate mastery. Foodle is an interesting entertainment to end the day and relax.

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