Free Word Search

Free Word Search is a game for those who like to relax and develop. Enrich your own vocabulary and look for words from the list. The game has three difficulty levels. You can start with the easiest and gradually overcome more difficult levels. In addition, the developers provided many thematic categories, starting with cooking and dancing and ending with measures of weight and length. The diversity will amaze everyone. Change the game font and background of the playing field for convenience.

✅ How to play

There are two blocks on the playing field: one with randomly placed letters, the other with a list of words to be found. When the secret word is found, click on the first letter, hold down the mouse button and connect all the letters in sequence. If the answer is correct, the selected option will be highlighted in a certain color, and the word will be crossed out of the list and moved to the bottom of the page. The counter counts the number of words to be found. Track the progress of the game in the Total Score section. The chart tracks total games played, progress in each difficulty level, wins and losses, points earned, and best time. Train attentiveness, visual memory and thinking, improve the ability to concentrate. With Free Word Search you won't have to be bored

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