Gordle is a unique combination of a word game and hockey. Such entertainment will be a special find for NHL fans. Search for encrypted names of hockey athletes and improve your own statistics.

✅ How to play

The 5-letter name of an NHL athlete is encrypted on the playing field. The player has 6 attempts to guess the encrypted word. It can be both a former member and a current one. Type the last name in the first line and click the enter button. Each square is painted with the appropriate color. The letter on the orange background is in the correct position and does not need to be changed. The blue color indicates that you need to think about the location of the letter. Gray box for those letters that are not in the encrypted word. Surnames longer than 5 letters can move the playing field to the left or right. Only the letters left on the field can be used for a hint. In the statistics section, you can track the player's success, namely the total number of games played, the percentage of winning options, the accuracy of guesses and the number of attempts used. Remember your professional idols in the National Hockey League and win every round of the game. Gordle is an intellectual game for everyone interested in hockey.

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