If fun with letters and words is not your thing, the developers have prepared a real surprise. Nerdle is a puzzle game where you have to guess the equality. It's time to remember your math lessons and test your logic and smarts.

✅ How to play

The playing field consists of 6 rows with eight empty cells each. The participant has six attempts to match the necessary numbers and signs to enter the mathematical equality. The player chooses the first option almost blindly. When the expression is entered, the colors of the squares will change. Use them as a hint. The green color indicates that the number or mathematical symbol has been guessed correctly and is in its place. All segments that are painted in orange should be applied elsewhere. Use your knowledge of mathematics by performing the simplest operations: division, multiplication, addition or subtraction. If all elements are green, the game is won. When all 6 attempts are used, the correct option will be displayed on the screen. The player can choose more complex options, where the number of components is increased. Challenge a friend and compete in wits and logic. In the statistics section, you can track how many games were played, the number of wins, the percentage of success and the accuracy of guessing.

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