Numble is a puzzle game for anyone who knows a lot about math. Although there are no numbers here, knowledge of mathematical concepts, rules, and well-known names will definitely be needed.

✅ How to play

A player has 6 attempts in each game. To guess the encrypted word. The puzzle has 5 letters that you have to guess by entering the possible options and taking into account the hints. already after the first attempt, some letters will change their color. Leave the green letters for the next word. Also use the orange elements in a new attempt, but you will need to change their location. The gray color indicates the letters that are missing from the secret word. Colored markers show how close the entered option is to the guessed word. For input, use the keyboard layout below the playing field. The player's achievements are recorded in a separate section. Among the statistics, you can track the total number of attempts used. The number of wins is shown as a percentage. In addition, you can familiarize yourself with the best results. Compete with your friends, demonstrate your knowledge of mathematics, form words and find the puzzle word. Set records and improve results. Numble is a great leisure activity.

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