Octordle Unlimited

Octordle Unlimited is an extraordinary word game for those who like puzzles and want to take a break from daily tasks. Use the attempts, guess the words and improve your skill. The task allows you not only to improve your skills, but also to relax, choosing words.

✅ How to play

The rules of the game resemble a classic game where you have to guess a word. 8 separate playing fields open before the player. The goal is to guess all eight words using 13 attempts. To enter a word, you can use the keyboard or the layout on the screen. The word entered by the player is displayed on eight screens at once. After the first option is entered, the letters will change color. Use the colored clues to guess the secret word in each box. Do not use gray letters for the next attempt. The green color indicates the letters that are not only present in the guess, but also in their place. Leave the letters whose square is painted orange in the word, but change their position. When the attempts are exhausted, the player has the opportunity to see the answers that could not be guessed. Statistics include information on the number of games and the percentage of successful rounds.

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