Phoodle is the perfect game for those who love puzzles and know a lot about food and cooking. Guess the words in a themed game and share your results online.

The game trains wit and thinking, the player has the opportunity to demonstrate knowledge, memory and logic.

✅ How to play Phoodle

The goal of the game is to guess a five-letter word in the six attempts allotted. All words are related to food and nutrition.

The player has to enter the first word and wait for the next hints. If you can't guess on the first try, consider the color hints. The letters will be colored yellow, green, and gray.

The gray color of the tile indicates letters that are not in the word. To choose the right option, pay attention to the orange and green letters. If the player has guessed the letter and its position in the word, the tile will be filled in green. Orange cells indicate letters that are part of the word, but their position should be changed.

As soon as all the letters in the line are green, it means that the word is guessed. Confetti explosions also indicate victory.

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