Spelling Bee

An extremely interesting game for adults and children, which will pump up vocabulary and train memory. Make words in the Spelling Bee and get the maximum number of points. Get the title of genius and enjoy the victory.

✅ How to play

The letters are arranged in the form of honeycombs. In the center of the yellow segment is a letter that must be used when composing words. The player's task is to make as many words as possible from 7 letters: one - central and 6 - additional. The number of points in the account also depends on the complexity of the word, namely the number of letters. To make the task easier, move the letters by clicking on the corresponding icon on the screen. Letters change position. Letters can be used more than once. If a letter is entered by mistake, click on the corresponding button and erase the letter. The smallest word that counts must have at least 4 letters. For such a result, the player will receive 1 point. For longer composed words, the participant will receive 1 point for each letter. Be sure to include the center letter. A word in which all letters will be used will bring the participant 15 points. At the bottom of the screen is the maximum number of points that the player can get and the counter of guessed words. The original puzzle game will be a great vacation for the whole family.

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