It is safe to say that this game is not for children. It resembles a traditional word search game, but it is more of a parody of the classic version. Sweardle's subject matter is a bit more spicy. You will have to guess swear words. If you want to test your vocabulary of sharp words, open and play.

✅ How to play

The goal of the game is to guess a curse word consisting of 4 words. A new puzzle will await the player every day. There are four attempts to find the secret word. Enter the letters in the squares and wait for the result. Use the colored markers for the next attempt. The green color is the letter that is in the word and the player guessed its location. The letters that are part of the secret curse are highlighted in yellow, but you need to think about their position. The gray letters are not present in the secret word, so there is no need to use them in the next attempt. Despite the theme of Sweardle, train your memory, improve your logic, improve your guess. Analyze the clues and look for the guess. Every day the player needs to guess one of 50 words from the list. Of course, the purpose of the game is not to offend, but to entertain and reduce tension. The author of the game wished to remain anonymous. If such a topic is unacceptable for you, choose another option.

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