Waffle is an intellectual game for those who want to test their vocabulary and demonstrate their intelligence. The cubes on the playing field visually resemble the famous Belgian dessert. Hence the name of the game.

✅ How to play

A letter is written in each square. In this way, six words are encrypted vertically and horizontally. The goal of the game is to move the letters so as to solve all the words on the playing field. Use colors as hints. Some segments are colored dark brown and light brown, indicating the correct position of the letter in the word and the need to change the position of the letter accordingly. After each movement of the letters, the color of some will change, which will tell the player if he is moving in the right direction. Fold until the waffles are fried and golden. The number of moves of a player is limited to 15 attempts. Keep an eye on the counter and think through each next step. If the game is lost, all the guessed words will be revealed to the player. Track the results in the statistics section. This shows the total number of games played by the participant, the number of wins and the success percentage. Compare your own results and improve. The game trains memory, thinking and logic. An ideal way to relax and improve your skills and abilities.

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