Weaver Unlimited

You like to test your knowledge and improve your skills. Take a moment and play Weaver Unlimited (Word Ladder) game. The main task of the game is to build a chain of words that will connect the initial concept and the guess word. Read the instructions and check the statistics and victory will surely be yours.

✅ How to play

Two four-letter words are revealed in front of the player. The participant's task is to write the next word by changing the letter. In a few steps you need to get to the guess. Only one letter can be changed in each new attempt. The colors of the letters will change. If the player manages to change the letter to the one that is included in the guess, the square will be painted green. Each option that is typed into the field must exist in the dictionary. If the player tries to cheat and use a fictional word, the word will not be accepted by the artificial intelligence. In the statistics section, the participant can track progress: the total number of rounds, the ratio of losses to wins, the percentage of success, as well as the most attempts and the most accurate steps. An intellectual game trains memory, expands vocabulary, activates thinking and gives an opportunity to switch to another type of activity. Weaver Unlimited is an old game, but continues to entertain puzzle lovers.

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