Word Hurdle

Time to check your vocabulary. Accept the challenge of Word Hurdle and guess the secret words using the clues on the screen.

✅ How to play

The game has simple rules and will appeal even to small kids. The goal of the task is to guess a classified word of 6 letters. A player has six attempts. To enter letters, use the keyboard layout under the squares. The wrong letter can be deleted. Each word entered corresponds to one attempt. After each option, some letters will change color. Use colors as clues. There are no gray letters in the word guess. If the letter has changed its color to green, it indicates that the player has guessed the letter and its location in the word. If the position of the letter needs to be changed, the square will be colored orange. Change the letters, choose the variations and fill in the cells. Track your success in statistics. The section collects information about the total number of games played, the number of successful rounds and the number of attempts used. Enrich your vocabulary, test your knowledge and acquire new ones. Together with the search for a classified word, you will have a fun time. Guess with friends and family, organize competitions and relax.

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