Wordle 2

Test your vocabulary with Wordle 2. An exciting game with simple rules that will appeal to adults and children. Guess as many words as possible, use hints and improve your rating.

✅ How to play

The playing field of the pick-up glass is given with 6 rows of 5 squares in each. This is where guesses should be typed. Choose one of the options and wait for a hint. Use the colored markers to choose the next word. The player has 6 attempts to find the secret word. At the start, just enter any five-letter word that is in the dictionary. When the letters change their color, consider the hint. The green letters are in their place in the puzzle word. Orange should be swapped and take a different position. Gray letters are not present in the guess. The player can track progress in the statistics section. According to the number of games played, the percentage of success will be determined. You can determine which move brought the most wins and the average success rate for each attempt. Compare your results and improve your skills. You can organize tournaments and competitions with friends. Set high scores in the game and hone your word and letter juggling skills. You will need logic, memory and attentiveness, as well as perseverance and a playful mood.

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