Wordle 6 Letters

Guess the encrypted word and set your own record. Wordle 6 Letters is a puzzle game in which you will be able to demonstrate your knowledge and test your vocabulary in 19 languages. It will be interesting for adults and children.

✅ How to play

As soon as the player enters the game, a playing field consisting of empty squares appears in front of him. The player's task is quite simple - to guess this word. In total, the player has six attempts to enter the correct word. The player types letters into the displayed squares. To enter letters, you can use the keyboard or the layout offered by the game. After each attempt, the squares with letters are painted in different colors - green, gray and orange. Green means that the player has guessed both the letter and its location in the encrypted word. Orange encourages you to think about placing the letter in another cell. The gray color indicates that there is no such letter in the word. For the convenience of players, the letters are painted not only on the field, but also on the keyboard on the screen. You need to wait a certain time between games. To open access to the next round. In case of victory, statistics are displayed on the screen: the number of attempts, consecutive victories and the percentage of the player's success. If the player loses, the scrambled word will be displayed on the screen. Expand your vocabulary and set new records with Wordle 6 Letters!

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