Wordle 8 Letters

A real challenge for intellectuals awaits in Wordle 8 Letters. An original game with scrambled words, simple rules and multiple attempts. Guess the words and improve the statistics. Before starting the game, choose your language. You can practice your native language or choose a foreign one. The task is to guess a word of 8 letters. All in all, 6 attempts, which are reflected in the number of lines with empty squares.

✅ How to play

Enter a possible option and wait for the result. Use the colors in which the boxes will be painted as hints. A gray square indicates that the corresponding letter is not in the word. The box is painted orange in the case when you need to move the letter to another position. Green indicates that the letter is in its place. Consider the information and choose the next option of the word. When the attempts are exhausted, the game ends, and a word guess is displayed on the screen. The next game will be available after a certain period. Other modes are available. Choose a daily challenge where you need to guess a chain of words of different lengths within 12 hours. Success in the game is confirmed by multi-colored confetti and a reward in the form of a cup. Progress is recorded in the statistics section. Train your logic, thinking and expand your vocabulary. Wordle 8 Letters is a great way to relax and change your activity.

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