Wordle Multiplayer

Now brain games, guessing words and juggling letters will be even better. Wordle Multiplayer is an interesting puzzle in which you need not only to find a secret word, but to do it faster than your opponent.

✅ How to play

Guess the word of 5 letters as quickly as possible and with a minimum number of attempts. Choose a game or create a match yourself. Invite opponents to play by sending them a link. In your own competition, you can set the number of rounds, the time frame and the length of words from 5 to 8 letters. In the standard game, the participant has to play 7 rounds and guess seven secret words. A time limit is set for guessing. The timer informs about the end of the time with a sound signal. Immediately after the end of the round, the player sees the tournament table, where the winner is noted. The statistics show the time used, the number of attempts and the total score. If the participant guessed the word first, he has to wait until the opponent's time runs out. After a break of 20 seconds, the next puzzle opens for players. The green letters have been guessed and are in their place. The orange letters need to be moved to another position. Don't use gray the next time you try. Wordle Multiplayer is a real challenge for those who like intellectual games, crosswords and riddles.

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