Word puzzles are a great way to relax after daily chores. Worgle is an exciting game for adults and children, which will require not only literacy, but also guesswork. Have fun with letters and words and guess the riddle.

✅ How to play

In front of the player is a field with cubes: six rows of six empty boxes. The player's task is to guess the 6-letter word hidden in the boxes. There are six attempts to complete an intellectual task. To do this, it is enough to print a possible option. Already after the first attempt, each letter will be painted in one of the colors: green, gray or brown. A gray box indicates that there is no such letter in the puzzled word. Green indicates that the player not only guessed the letter, but also correctly placed it in the word. Brown indicates that the letter is used in the puzzle word and should be moved to another position to find the clue. Select the possible options and enter the letters. Correct the word, taking into account the color of the letters. Use all possible hints and try to guess the word. At the end of the game, the puzzled word will be revealed. You can track and compare your progress in the statistics section. Demonstrate the best percentage of rounds won according to the number of games played. Become a true master of words.

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