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In early 2022, posts featuring yellow, green, and gray squares began to populate Twitter. Under them there were often heated discussions about the strategy and simplicity of the game. Many people wondered what they were and why these mysterious squares were so popular. These publications refer to a new popular game - Wordle, which this year became a leader among applications and logic games.

What is the game about?

The basic idea behind the game is to guess a word. Every day in the game, you will get one word with only 5 letters. And you need to guess the word in 6 tries. You can only guess one word a day, even for unregistered users (but there are sites with an unlimited number of words per day). Many players post their result on social media to tell others about their strategy or to help them figure it out.

The basic rules of Wordle are simple: enter the first word and then look for clues in color (if some letters you guessed), which the game gives out:

  • If you guessed a letter and it's in the right place, the cell will be green;
  • 2
  • If you guessed a letter, but it is in the right place in the word, the square will be yellow;
  • 3
  • And if the cell is gray, it means there is no such letter in the word.
With the exact location of green and yellow letters you can try to guess the word and win the game.

Why is the game so popular?

Since the beginning of 2022, the game has been rapidly gaining popularity. What has made it so famous? Twitter users have suggested that the game has gained widespread popularity for its simplicity. Not only is it easy to play, but you can easily promote it by posting posts on the social network with answers or hints.

How did the word-guessing game come about?

The game was created by developer Josh Wardle, he only wanted to surprise his lover. For the sake of this, he created this game, as his girlfriend was fond of similar puzzles. Josh had already been creating games for a long time, in 2013 he had already released an analog of this game, but it did not become popular. It wasn't until 2020 that he was able to create a game that made him world famous. The game originally had only 2,500 puzzled words, but when the game became popular, some were weeded out, leaving only the most used spoken words.

How to play Wordle?

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